Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4th letter Oct. 20,2008

Dear Bullock Family, I had the opportunity to go to the Provo temple. What a beautiful place. I felt the spirit so much. As I sat there I was thinking about this gospel and how much it benefits our lives. I love this church! I can't wait to get out to Macon and serve there. I'm getting real good at teaching the first discussion. We start the second discussion tomorrow. So I pretty much got jipped on my P-Day. My p-days are on Thursday and we got here on Wed. The next day we had orientation, so we had to wait forever. I love you all and can't express how I'm feeling, my testimony is changing every second. All the talks I listen to I take notes. Then I learn off that. The talks are so amazing! My companion is from South Jordan, Utah. His name is Elder Andrew Park. He is so cool. I'm sorry for treating you all so badly! Mom, I love you with all my heart. Dad, I'm sorry for arguing and fighting with you some days. Lindsay, you are the best sister along with Ashley and Savannah. Linds, good luck with everything. I want you all to remember that Curtis loves all of you and that he misses you. Savannah your so pretty. I'm glad that your so smart. You will be smarter than me when I get home. Ash, don't flirt too hard! Keep being you. I miss all of your great examples. Jake, Jake, Jake!! you can have whatever you want of mine. Seriously, take whatever ok. Go through my boxes, or if I still have stuff in my room, go though that. The x-box is yours so do what you want. OK Jake? I love you so much and hope you get better soon. Dad, your the best example that I could possible have! The day we parted and you cried, I realized how much this means to you! I'd never seen you cry before, so I'm always going to remember it. Don't worry, I won't let you down, I promise I'm going to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I've been working out, and I'm one of the biggest in my group. Dad, get this, there is an Elder Tuddol and he holds the record in Utah for flat bench. He benched 406 one time. Isn't that Insane! I could barely breath when he told me this. The other day when we got done with gym, we were getting dressed fast because we had 5 min. until class. The Elders in the other room came in our room in just their towels. They had just gotten out of the shower and they asked if we could do them a favor. They had all left their keys in their room. So they were buck naked in the hall.It was way funny! I seriously almost peed my pants. I have some funny pics . they are getting developed. I'll send them later. I love you all. Have a great day, week and months! Much Love, Elder Curtis Bullock

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